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JUPITER EVENTS presents an exhilarating celebration of “Sairandhri -The Musical”- Mahabharata’s Epic Story. A combination of Indian classical dance “Kathak” with a touch of “International dance form” Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio starring Sandip Soparrkar & Neha Banerjee Dance is always sensitive to history. Now, with a broader acceptance of and respect for dance & history, many dance artists of differing backgrounds work in collaboration, exploring the expressive potential of each other’s dance traditions & depict an untold story. Sandip Soparrkar & Neha Banerjee are among those Indian dancers, who with their International dance form Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio & Classical dance form “Kathak” -inflected modern vocabulary have made successful forays into the international dance scene. For the first time, celebrated dancers Sandip Soparrkar & Neha Banerjee in their own respective dance forms International dance form Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio & Kathak will host an evening where the two luminaries will depict Mahabharata’s Epic Story “Sairandhri -The Musical” “Our collaboration brings a dance show which will not only be a visual treat to the audience in terms of different dance forms but also educate the masses about Mahabharata’s Epic Story through an elaborated dance sequence” What makes “Sairandhri -The Musical”- Mahabharata’s Epic Story special is that the choreographic vision is almost always enhanced by costumes, decor and lighting, and animated by music or a soundscape. Produced & Conceptualized by- Neha Banerjee; Writen & Directed by – Smita Bharti; International dance form Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio by- Sandip Soparrkar; Classical Choreography by- Dr Uma Rele; Music Director- Vivek Mishra About Sandip Soparrkar- In every field of creative endeavor we come across an individual that raises the bar to an ultimate peak for that particular field of artistic achievement. In the arena of professional dancers, we have our very own “Super Star”. About Neha Banerjee – Neha Banerjee is a leading exponent of Kathak dance in India. Neha Banerjee is a celebrated dancer who has glorified Indian flag on International level. She has done numerous shows in India & abroad. She has secured 6th position at Mrs. Universe World Event 2017. She is also Miss Perfect Women 2016 “We are extremely delighted and happy to present the show to the elite audience of cultural city of Chennai and we have further plans to take it to other Cities in India and abroad too. We look forward to an enthralling show and first of its kind experience of this show”

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