Shens Medical Care Centre was started in the year 2015

Shens Medical Care Centre was started in the year 2015 initially as a clinic for Dermatology and Paediatrics. Over a period of three years it has grown from its humble beginning and has grown in strength and reputation and currently boasts of cutting edge treatment facilities. Shens hospital prides itself in being able to provide modern treatments in almost all aspects of medicine and surgery. Now, we have a capacity of 20 beds, well equipped ICU with ventilator, casualty department, laboratory, Ambulance, Modular operation Theatre (major and minor), ultrasound Scan, pharmacy and various diagnostic and therapectic facilities. Our specialist units include a paediatrics and neonatal intensive Care unit surgery, Dermatology & cosmetic procedures, dedicated maternity unit (obstetrics and gynaecology) pain care centre, orthopaedics, psychiatrist, General Surgery and Dental Care among others. Shens Hospital is rated among the best Hospital in Chennai for patient care and medical facilities
• Our goal is to educate patients by providing evidence based information on the best treatment available.we have placed quality markers at every level such that healthcare is delivered seamlessly and of the highest quality. We aim to bean experience rather than just another visit to the hospital.
• Our operation theatres are equipped with state-of-the art technology on par with international standards. Studies have shown that surgeon stess levels play a very important role in the outcome of surgery, our OT’s are ergonomically designed with all the latest equipments in our armamentarium and surgeons can perform procedures without having to worry about theatre times.
• We promise our patients a “painless” surgery. Our team of anaesthetistics are experts at pain management. Our surgeries are termed “scar less” wherein our surgeons can complete even the most complicated procedures with the least number of incisious as possible.
• We have one- to-one nursing for all our in-patient ward and all our medical, paramedical and accessory staff members are specially trained for delivering the highest level of patient care.
• At shens speciality Hospital, We value the importance of your time, our patient relations team co-ordinates with you over the phone and schedules your appointment such that you spend the least amount of time waiting for your consultation.
• Our Hospital is comfortably located in the heart of Chennai in Ashok Nagar. We are easily accessible by Chennai Metro or by cab. We also provide ample parking in and around our hospital.

• Our Values:
• We empower our patients with the knowledge of all available treatment options and help them in choosing the best plan of care.
• Our Motto:
• Our Motto is “patients First”, patients will always be our first priority. We assure consistent focus in delivering healthcare and provide the highest level of skill in all our services. Patient satisfaction is the single most important factor for our growth, our every design; decision is based around making our patient happy. We constantly apply newer quality management system in place to meet all our patient requirements. Commercial aspects will never influence our treatment choices.
• Our vision/Goal:
• Our Mission:
• Vision

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