Abra Cut Abra, an exquisite Kids Salon was launched by

Vandana Srikanth on 12th April 2019

Abra Cut Abra, an exquisite Kids Salon was launched by Vandana Srikanth on 12th April 2019 in presence of popular socialties and celeb Moms from around the city. Abra Cut Abra is a unique venture that specialises in bringing magic into the world of hairstyles for kids. They have special services for the tiny tots wherein the kids can get their haricut done while watching their favorite cartoons on the big screens infront of them. We understand that even though children are more inclined to be listening to their parents on their hairstyle, the experience plays a huge role in making them way more than satisfied with their new look.

It’s pretty obvious that toddlers are a wee bit sceptical about any hair salons because to them it’s like going to the butcher’s shop. At Abra Cut Abra, from the moment you walk in with your lil one, we make sure that they embark on a magical journey like never before. And this isn’t just for the children but also being a parent, you do deserve every bit of magic there is, too. While our child-friendly and experienced stylists look after your children, indulge in some rejuvenating services to pass the time you’re spending with us.

The core value at Abra Cut Abra is to have a unisex salon which gives out never before seen vibrant and colourful experiences for children, so much so that they feel comfortable enough to come back again, in the future. And we don’t intend on stopping there. For every haircut that is sold, we’ll be donating one haircut to the less privileged section of children in and around Chennai city, under our scheme called #ACut4ACut.

To sum it all up, Abra Cut Abra is the only place in Chennai that doesn’t just guarantee a good haircut but a magical and complete experience for the kids as well as you, their parents!

ADDRESS – No. 9, 5th Street, ‘A’ Block, Anna Nagar East, Chennai – 600102


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