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Joins hands with its academic partner, SSN College of Engineering to spread awareness about cyber security and its potential as a career option

Chennai, 6 th March, 2018: CompTIA, the world’s leading IT certification firm sponsored a 2-day conclave
on Cyber Security organized by SSN College of Engineering, Kalavakkam, Chennai . SSN College is one of
CompTIA’s​ leading academic partner in Tamil Nadu. The conclave was organized by SSN College’s
Department of Information Technology. The department is a recognized research Centre of Anna
University, Chennai.
CompTIA’s objective in sponsoring the conclave was to spread awareness among students and IT faculty
members in Tamil Nadu about the importance of Cyber Security and its potential as a career option in
Digital India. Apart from being the sponsor, CompTIA also organised a technical session on Cyber
Security delivered by its authorized training partner InfySEC.
Cyber Security is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks,
computers, programs and data from cyber attack. The elements of Cyber Security include providing
security in various applications, information and network.
Over the two days of the conclave, experts from IT academia and industry introduced and updated
participants on the latest development in field of Cyber Security including block-chain and digital
forensics. The conclave was an excellent opportunity for participants to be part of the discussion forum
and to get a clear idea on job opportunities and career progression in the field of Cyber Security.
Some of the interesting topics discussed at the conclave included: Cyber Security as a Career; Hacking vs
Cyber Security Career — Busting Myths; CompTIA and its Cyber Security Career Path; Threat
Management; Cyber Attacks and Exploits, Penetration Testing Tools.
Speaking at the conclave Mr. Pradipto Chakrabarty, Regional Director, CompTIA India, said, “With
Cyber threat looming large on the horizon, there is an urgent need to train people in the Security
domain. We are committed to do our best strengthen Cyber Security in India. It is with this aim in mind
that we decided to partner with SSN College for the event. CompTIA is committed to creating industry
relevant training and certification programs for the IT workforce so that they have avenues to improve
their technology skills in line with latest industry trends. Our programs cover the most-sought- after skill
development solutions especially in the field of cyber security.”

Dr N Bhalaji, Associate Professor, Department of IT, SSN College of Engineering, added, “Information
Technology in general, and Information Security in particular is a fast growing sector in India.  Jobs in
Cyber Security are projected to grow at an unprecedented pace. It’s promising field with plenty of
growth potential. As more and more companies go in for automation of their processes, businesses
transactions, and infrastructure management, newer opportunities will arise. Irrespective of the
industry one joins, one will have to be trained in cyber security to move up the corporate ladder.”

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