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‘Light of the Fireflies’ in 24 hours in association with Amelio and Krux The anthology features stories written by children between 9 years and 12 years

Chennai, 16th January: Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing platform, in association with Amelio and Krux, has published a one-of-a-kind anthology ‘Light of the Fireflies’ in 24 hours. The book was launched by Mr Jana Pillay, CCO& Co-Founder of Notion Press Media Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Pravin Shekar, Start-up Specialist, Ms. Sridevi Raghavan, CEO of Amelio at the 41st Chennai Book Fair.

Amelio, a renowned early education company, conducted a two-day workshop where the kids ideated and sketched out stories, with a proper plot and a twist. At the end of the workshop, the children successfully completed their stories and the stories spanned across different genres such as fantasy, horror, mystery, thrillers etc. In order to materialize the dreams of these young minds, the enthusiastic team at Notion Press came forward and published the anthology in 24 hours. The book was edited, designed and published overnight by Notion Press team.

Speaking about the same, Mr. Jana Pillay, CCO & Co-Founder of Notion Press said, ‘We are always looking for ways to break the current norms in publishing. Our goal has always been to guide creative authors and give every aspiring writer a fair chance to publish their book. So when Amelio and Pravin, who happens to be one of our own authors, approached us with this project, we said yes without thinking twice. After the fest, we quickly got on our feet and all our teams worked together over night to bring out the book. We’re glad we worked on this project. It has been an exciting time for all of us.’

Mr. Pravin Shekar, Start-up specialist & author of Devil Does Care said, ‘ Imagination has no boundaries, creativity no borders! All it takes is the right setting, a framework and a few pointers to get the ball rolling. This was proven right at creative writing workshop 2018, organized and coordinated by Amelio. This workshop inspired young minds to dream and capture their journey in words, to tell a story—long or short. Light of the Fireflies is a collection of such stories.’

Ms. Sridevi Raghavan, CEO of Amelio said, ‘Light of the Fireflies is a culmination of months of collaborative effort from the team at Amelio, Pravin Shekhar of Krea and the team at Notion Press. Likemost large projects, the idea of having children write a story and of handing over a published book within a couple of days started as whimsy. A curious and audacious thought, but one that took shape, and emerged in the form of the book you see today. Each of us in the team gave it more life, more magnificent color and gave it shape through minute executional detail. The real heroes in these stories are, of course, the young authors, who unleashed their imagination and creative writing skills within a near-impossibly short span of time.’

60 children between 9 years and 12 years of age took part in the workshop. At the launch, they were delighted to present their work to everyone. Some of the young authors also read out some excerpts from their stories, giving us a glimpse of the magic. Published by Notion Press, Light of the Fireflies is currently available at the Notion Press stall (399-400) at the Chennai Book Fair.         

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