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A four-day-old baby who had critical pulmonary stenosis was treated at the Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital

Chennai: In a breakthrough case of heart valve treatment, a four-day-old baby was treated for critical pulmonary stenosis. The baby was diagnosed with the rare condition before birth and was kept on an emergency medicine infusion. A team of doctors at Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospital treated the baby on the fourth day.

Pulmonary stenosis is a condition of the heart where there is a block in the valve that carries blood to lungs. This condition accounts for 10 per cent of congenital heart diseases.

“In this case the baby was diagnosed with critical pulmonary stenosis, where there was severe blockage of valve and it required emergency medical intervention. Another complexity in the case was that the baby weighed just 2.4kg and the valve was opened up using a balloon, more commonly known as Balloon Pulmonary Valvuloplasty (BPV) in medical terms. Now the baby can be free of heart conditions and she would not require any surgeries or treatments in future,” said Dr. R. Premsekar, senior interventional paediatric cardiologist.

Another successful case was an open-heart surgery performed on a 6 year old girl from Iraq. The child born as a blue baby had multiple complications of the heart and had undergone three surgeries in Turkey. The final stage of the surgery was performed here.


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