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After over 4 months of extensive planning, Aaruush

After over 4 months of extensive planning, Aaruush ’17 commenced on 15 th September 2017 at 3PM
at SRM University. The event began by welcoming an audience of more than 500 excited students
along with the dignitaries sitting on the dais. The panel of dignitaries included the Chief Guest of the
day General (Dr.) V K Singh, Chancellor of SRM University , T. R. Pachumuthu, Pro Vice Chancellor Dr
T. P. Ganesan, Registrar Prof N. Sethuraman and the patrons of the fest.
Day Zero of the fest began with the ceremonial Lighting of the Lamp by the dignitaries. The lit lamp
not only signified the spreading of knowledge over the duration of the fest but also a new beginning
of a new decade of the fest. This ceremonial process was followed by a speech by the Secretary of
Aaruush ’17, Mr. Haroon Rashid. He spoke of Aaruush as a feeling and not just a fest. “None of us is
as strong as all of us” he said stating that Aaruush is run by this motto.
The dais was handed over to the Joint Secretary of Aaruush ’17 for the Aaruush Report. The report
consisted an enlistment of all the accreditations, events before, during and after the fest and the
theme and tagline of Aaruush “Rising in the spirit of Innovation”.
The Aaruush Souvenir comprising of all the events, expos and highlight shows was then released by
the chief guest of the day General V K Singh. This souvenir will prove that the fest was not only a
dream but also a reality that came into existence. The
existence of the day zero of the fest was made
substantial by the words the presidential address given
by the Chancellor of the University. Dr. A Rathinam, the
Convener of Aaruush ’17 then welcomed the chief
guest by presenting him with a momento as a token of
appreciation. The guest was then led onto the dais to
address the gathering. With impactful words on
technology and the youth today, General V K Singh
gave the team strength and motivated the audience
into helping in the organisation of fest of this
magnitude and in participating in it.
The Aaruush Main video comprised of all the events that will be held during the next 4 days of
Aaruush including the Aaruush Nites, Pro-shows, band performances, expos and guest lecture series.
As the crowd rose to its feet in anticipation, the Aaruush Main Video was released with much
fervour and gusto. Aaruush’s Journey towards infinity, which began in 2007, witnessed the end of
the inaugural with the vote of thanks by the Public Relations Officer. The Inaugural ended with the
screening of the movie “Wonderwoman” released in 2017. With much success on the first day,
Aaruush expects a greater footfall, greater events and greater brilliance in this edition of the fest.

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