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Chennai, September 03, 2017: Parvathy Hospital, Chennai’s largest orthopaedic, today convened the
Walkathon to create awareness on joint diseases and disorders and to promote the numerous
health benefits of walking. The walkathon was held at the YMCA ground, Nandanam in the early
hours, where more than 1000 people participated.
Walkathon witnessed active participation of a wide spectrum of people including Senior citizens
doctors, patients, volunteers and staff who walked across 5Km, 3Km and 1Km stretch on YMCA
ground. Actor Radha Ravi flagged off the 5KM walkathon and Actor Ashok Selvan flagged off the
3KM and 1KM walkathon. With one good thing leading to another, the event has now become a
celebration of health and activity. It is also an opportunity to spend qualitative time with your family
in a different and definitely healthy way. It signifies the strengthening of the bonds within us – the
joints in our body, and the strengthening of the bonds around us – our family and friends,
encouraging everyone to ‘WALK FOR A STRONGER BOND!.
Parvathy Hospital’s extended commitment to ensure patients live an active and healthy life after a
surgery or treatment. This is a one-of- a- kind Walkathon in Chennai which focuses on the health of
the geriatric population. “ The uniqueness of the walkathon is the participation ofpatients who’ve
had their joints replaced and are now leading the normal life They are proud to walk along with us,
to prove to the world that a physically active and healthy life is possible after a joint replacement
procedure”, Said Dr. S. Muthukumar, Chairman, Parvathy Hospital.

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