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seventh AMG Performance Center; Chennai emerges in AMG’s global footprint

Chennai: Strengthening its AMG strategy in India further, the country’s largest luxury
car maker Mercedes-Benz India today, launched Chennai’s first and India’s seventh
AMG Performance Center at Trans Car India. The inauguration of the AMG
Performance Center (APC) in Chennai is a part of Mercedes-Benz’s current AMG
network expansion plan to newer markets. The inauguration of two AMG Performance
Centers in two days in Kochi and Chennai also marks the celebration of 50 years of

AMG, globally. The inauguration of the AMG Performance Centers in Kochi and
Chennai takes the total number of the exclusive APCs to 7 in India.
The launch of the AMG Performance Center in Chennai is aimed to strengthen the
customer relationship by offering them an exclusive and customized Mercedes-AMG
product experience and unmatched service quality. Mercedes-AMG offers an
exceptional brand experience; providing luxury car owners and aspirers the preferred
exclusivity. These distinct AMG Performance Centers along with an impressive AMG
portfolio comprising 12 models, promises a fascinating brand experience for the
existing and potential AMG customers.
Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India commented,
“India is an emerging market and performance car segment has an immense growth
potential in the country. We are experiencing increased interest among the discerning

customers for an AMG vehicle, not only from the key metro cities but from the non-
metros as well. With the inauguration of the Chennai AMG Performance Center, we

further reinforce our commitment to connect with our potential customers, who seek
the thrill of performance driving and the unmatched exclusivity that is associated with
an AMG. The AMG Performance Center will attract ardent performance car
enthusiasts, where they can choose from our vivid AMG car portfolio for the ultimate
driving experience.”
Elaborating further Mr. Folger said, “With the recent launch of the AMG GT R and
the GT Roadster, Mercedes-AMG now has expanded its performance car portfolio in
India to 12 products and leads the segment by holding a significant market share. The
AMG Performance Center in Chennai will serve as a right place for performance car
enthusiasts to experience and discover their much aspired AMG model, concept and
accessories for an unparalleled driving and ownership experience. The inauguration
of an APC in Chennai also underlines the importance of Chennai market, which has
been a key market for both Mercedes-Benz and AMG products.”

Key Highlights of the Chennai AMG Performance Center:
 Full dry wall construction as per the global standard of AMG Performance
 Dynamically flowing room, integrating free-form dry wall structure to demarcate
the spaces with right angles are broken up, constantly producing new visual
connection and slight lines along a fascinating spatial choreography
 The Regupol flooring with tyre marks, kerbs and Pit lane marking immediately
bring to mind the world of motor sport
 The Shagpile carpet to create a pleasant atmosphere and improves the quality
of the visit
 Large textile graphics give an emotional and passionate look to the entire area
for passionate enthusiasts
 The interactive sound module is a guaranteed goosebumps and the passionate
performance enthusiasts can experience the distinctive features of the entire
AMG vehicle – the sound
 Exclusive boutique and accessories area with mannequin displays
The Chennai AMG Performance Center is characterized by a consistently applied and
unique AMG brand identity. The facility boasts of three exclusive AMG car display and
two dream cars display and provides complete AMG Brand Experience by the
exclusively trained product specialist & the product display and demonstration. The
AMG Performance Centers have their own distinct branding and focus on the AMG
performance brand, AMG products and concepts, as well as the individualization
options which will create a bespoke and immersive brand experience for the valued
customers of Chennai.

AMG Performance Centers
The AMG Performance Centers are the key pillars of the Mercedes-AMG growth
strategy in India and offers unique experience to AMG customers and performance
driving enthusiasts. The AMG sales and service experts ensure first-class service
delivery at every touch-point throughout the customer relationship life-cycle, through

a rigorous and uniform global training program. Globally, the AMG Performance
Centers are central pillars of the AMG growth strategy. These 400 + touch points,
which have been part of the Mercedes-Benz distribution network since 2008, create
optimal market reach for the brand.
AMG Private Lounge
AMG Private Lounge is an exclusive AMG owner’s online community designed to
interact and benefit from the knowledge of AMG owners worldwide. Some of the
highlights of engagement include lifestyle events and driver training courses all over
the world. The AMG Private Lounge serves as a perfect place for AMG drivers and
experts to exchange their opinions, techniques and experiences.


For more details, please visit
Media Contact: Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd.:
Shekhar Das Chowdhury | |+91 98508 36477
Vignesh Shankar | | +9177740 36269
About Mercedes-Benz India:
Established in 1994, Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd. pioneered the luxury car market in India
and boasts of more than 130 years of cutting edge innovation in the luxury automobile
industry globally. Set up in 2009, Mercedes-Benz India’s world class production facility is
spread over 100 acres in Chakan near Pune. Since June 2015, Mercedes-Benz India also
commenced production from its new expanded production facility located in the same
premises. Mercedes-Benz India is part of Mercedes-Benz’s Global Production Network. It
plays an important role in the CKD/MVP production network in Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Thailand and Vietnam. At these locations, Mercedes-Benz produces vehicles in various
extension levels for domestic markets.
The production facility now carries an investment of INR 1000+ crores and has the largest
installed production capacity for any luxury carmaker in India. Mercedes-Benz India also has
the largest network spread amongst any luxury carmaker, with presence in 41 Indian cities
through 89 outlets. Through the exclusive AMG Performance Centers located in 6 cities

including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi and Pune; the AMG performance
sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz also boasts of a strong retail network presence in the country.
Mercedes-Benz India’s flagship programme, ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ launched in 2016,
aims to completely redefine the after-sales experience by digitalizing service process and

create unparalleled benchmark in the luxury car service domain. The launch of ‘Mercedes-
Benz Approved Tyres’ in February 2017, and the ‘Approve Advanced Programme’ in May

2017, is also integral to the ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ campaign. ‘My Mercedes, My Service’
aims at enhancing the customer’s vehicle ownership experience manifold, making after-sales
experience as the new differentiator in the luxury car segment. With the use of big data and
in-depth knowledge of the driving pattern of Indian customers, Mercedes-Benz has been
able to drive successfully, low cost of ownership for its customers.
Mercedes-Benz India product portfolio comprises the locally produced Mercedes Maybach
S 500, S-Class, E-Class, C-Class, CLA luxury sedans and the GLA, GLE and the GLS luxury
The CKD GLC was the 9th product added to Mercedes-Benz’s local production portfolio.
Completely Built imported cars portfolio includes the A-Class, B-Class, CLS, E-Class
Cabriolet, S-Class Coupé, C-Class Cabriolet, S-Class Cabriolet and the S 600 Guard a range
of other Guard vehicles etc. The product portfolio also comprises the iconic off-roader
Mercedes-AMG G 63 as well as a wide range of other Mercedes-AMG performance cars like
the AMG CLA 45, AMG C 63 S, AMG S 63 Coupe, AMG S 63 Sedan, AMG GLA 45, AMG
GLE 43 Coupe, AMG GT S, AMG GT R and AMG GT Roadster sports car, AMG SLC 43
and AMG C 43.
The long wheel base new E-Class is Made in India, for India, the first new generation car to
be locally produced since market launch. India is the first country to get an RHD version of
the LWB E-Class in the world.
Mercedes-Benz India registered the half yearly sales of 7171 units in the January–June 2017
period. In 2017, ‘One Team, One Goal’ will be Mercedes-Benz’s philosophy, towards
achieving best customer experience. The company will have fascinating product
introductions, innovative luxury retail experience, value driven finance programmes and
innovative after-sales service experiences. With ‘One Team, One Goal’ philosophy,
Mercedes-Benz India will continue the ‘winning’ momentum it has created for itself in the
diverse Indian market.



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