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Breakthrough Procedure for treatment of Arthritis of the Knee

 Chennai, 20th April 2017:

A new breakthrough procedure has been introduced for the treatment of Arthritis

related ailments in patients. This pioneering initiative has been introduced by a team of

Doctors at Barathiraja Hospitals, led by Dr. S. Arumugam, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon,

Barathiraja Hospitals.

This is a multi disciplinary approach where Dr. Arumugam and his team provide

corrective surgeries where the patients feels absolutely no pain during the procedure,

and during recovery. This is a boon to patients who avoid corrective surgeries as it can

be very painful during the surgical process, especially during recovery.

However, in this new procedure, patients who suffer from arthritis related join problems

will not feel any surgical pain for the first 48 hours after the surgery. This is particularly

relevant since patients would feel excruciating pain during the initial 48 hours after

surgery during a routine procedure.

This is a unique procedure that involves giving the patient Nerve Blocks. Pain is carried

from the surgical site to the brain by free nerve endings. With these nerve blocks, the

pain carrying nerves are totally blocked thereby eliminating the pain sensation in the

patient completely.

This procedure also completely eliminates the use of a Torniquet, which is device that

stops the blood flow to the limb during surgery as it causes thigh pain and swelling of

the limb after surgery.

Also to deal with the discomfort after the initial 48 hours of surgery where the there is

no pain in this procedure, there is a special cocktail injection given inside the joint

during surgery which takes care of the patient’s pain after the initial 48hrs. In addition

to the pain relief, it also help them to get back on their fee early, Their rehabilitation is

faster and they achieve their goals of using toilet on their own, climbing steps and

getting to their daily routine much earlier than previously. The duration of hospital stay

has also reduced

Additionally, in this procedure patients don’t have to face the painful problem of

removal of stitches or staples as this procedure eliminates the use of the same.

Finally the physiotherapist from the team help patients build the specific group of

muscles that help in early mobilization/walking of the patients with a lot of ease.

This procedure has been introduced given that steady rise in the no of patients who

are suffering from arthritis – especially the knee.

– India today – study shows that there will be around 180 million patients suffering

from arthritis by 2020.

– T.O.I – study shows a 20 fold rise in case of arthritis by 2020 and knee during

the most commonly damaged it.

– These are some of the Indian studies that show that the rise is going to be

dramatic in the future.

The main concern of these patients suffering from arthritis is pain. If detected early this

can be treated by medications and lifestyle changes. In some cases, patients can be

treated by injections at the joint that can help in regeneration and nourishment of the

cartilage thereby slowing down the progress of Arthritis.

However, if the condition is ignored this can lead to pain of the joints due to wear and

tear and thereby necessitating Surgery to correct this condition. It is against this

backdrop that this Pain free knee surgery gains importance.

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