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Laksha Rudra Parayanam between July 28 and September 15 at Chidambaram Sri Natarajar Temple.

Chidambaram Sri Natarajar Temple, an ancient and historic Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva Nataraja, is conducting Laksha Rudra Parayanam for the first time in the history of the temple and towards well-being of the society.

The chanting of Rudra mantra one lakh times and Vilva archanai with one crore leaves is to commence on July 28 and continue till September 15, 2016. Also September 15 will witness one lakh homam ritual in 9 Yajna Kundams and performed by 108 Dikshidhars. Corporate Clinic, a Chennai-based company is the sponsor of this unique event.

During a press meet conducted today (July 23, 2016) to announce about the programme, Thiru. N.B. Pattu Dikshidhar and Dr. S. Raja Somasekhara Dikshidhar of Chidambaram Sri Natarajar Temple, said “it is a usual custom to perform Ekadasa Rudra, Maha Rudra and Athi Rudra parayanams to the Lord Natarajar at Chidambaram temple. Ekadasa Rudra means chanting of the rudra mantra 11 times 11 people; Maha Rudra is chanting of the rudra mantra 11 times 121 people; and Athi Rudra is chanting of the rudra mantra 11 times 1331 people.

But this Laksha Rudra Parayanam is a first-of-its-kind and will witness parayanam for one lakh times between July 28 and September 15. Every day as many as 100 Dikshidhars will be chanting the rudra mantra for 22 times (from 9 am to 12 noon and 5 pm to 8 pm). That is on each day from July 28 to September 14 the mantra will be chanted for 2200 times a day (100 Dikshidhars x 22 times). On September 15 alone the parayanam will be performed for 1100 times. Altogether the mantra will be chanted for 1,08,900 times during this mega event.

During these days 100 Dikshidhars will perform the Rudra Parayanam while 100 other Dikshidhars will perform the Vilva Archana. Nearly 10,000 man-days (200 Dikshidhars x 50 days) are to be spent in parayanam for the well-being of the society.

Moreover, the programme is to culminate on September 15 with 1 lakh Avarthi Sammelana Sahasra Naama Homam and Ekadasa Rudra Homams in 9 Yajna Kundams will be performed by 108 Dikshidhars.

The holy water from seven divine rivers of India (Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswathi, Narmada, Kaveri, and Sindhu) will be collected for the event.

The programme is expected to attract over 5000 devotees a day. Moreover, on September 15, there would be atleast a lakh of devotees. In association with Corporate Clinic, the general Dikshidhars of Chidambaram Sri Natarajar Temple and Sri Anna Poorani Gruham Dikshidhars are organising the event.”

Sponsor and Promoter of Corporate Clinic, Thiru. B. Ramakrishnan, said “i am organising this mega event with the blessings of the Lord Shiva. This is a small contribution from me and my wife Gayathri for the prayer for the well-being of the society and humankind.”

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