The International Conference on `Partnership and Ownership Building for Sustainable Development’ was held on 5th & 6th December 2019 at Guru Nanak College, Chennai under the leadership of OISCA South India Chapter, Calicut and OISCA Chapters of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. The conference came to close with the valedictory function on 6th December, 2019. The welcome address was delivered by Mr D.Saravanan Vice President Tamil Nadu Chapter. Dr J Jayanthi Dean Research presented a report of the seminar proceedings. The General Secretary and Correspondent of Guru Nanak College, Sardar Manjit Singh Nayar honored the Chief Guest Mr Binoy Viswam, MP from Kerala.
Dr. N Krishnakumar President OISCA Tamil Nadu State Chapter in his presidential address mentioned that he was happy to see a large number of youth extensively involved at the grassroots level. School children being exposed to the concept of sustainability was the need of the hour. He stressed that each and every one had to be involved to sustain the environment for our future generations.
The chief guest Mr Binoy mentioned the fact that just as we respect the Earth as our mother, we should also give respect to women and protect them from harm. He talked about Government apathy in times of natural disasters. Disasters do happen and these can be of great magnitude. Eg Amazon forest fires which went on for months where the Government of Brazil was a mute spectator. He made a mention of the US Government which was initially interested in studying the carbon emissions in the atmosphere and removing the carbon foot prints. Later due to external pressures they backed out of signing the pact to monitor and save the earth from these emissions. He said Mother Earth was being plundered and we need to protect her in whichever way it was possible.
Miss Rebecca MSc Zoology student from Guru Nanak College and Mr Prajit District Coordinator Ernakulam noted down the salient points from the conference presentations and made the Chennai Declaration.
Dr K V Jayachandran Convener , Technical Committee talked about the Sustainable development Goals and stressed that Youth Development was one of the important goals other things like Climate change being equally important. He insisted that Organic farming was the need of the hour and an Action Plan was necessary to ensure that the goals were achieved as soon as possible.
Mr Fumio Kitsuki Secretary General OISCA was appreciative of the fact the Conference had brought together likeminded people and wanted more people to get involved in protecting our environment and making it more sustainable.
Dr Uday Singh Vishwa Yuva Kendra was happy that a large number of youth were involved in matters of sustenance.
Mr.P.K.Nalinakshan Secretary, OISCA South India chapter felt that the ambience was very suitable for the conference and he was happy with the large number of participation and presentations in the conference.
The function ended with the National anthem.


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